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Basic PortaPocket Combo Kit

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Wondering were to stash your big cell phone when wearing your Double Agent Shoes? Would you love to ditch the purse but you can't wear high heels?

The PortaPocket can be used with your Double Agent Shoes or as a stand alone!

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Our best-selling 2-pc kit includes choice of one Band (12" ministrap OR versatile 18" Band) and choice of one belt-loop mounted Pocket: Medium (2.875" x 5") that fits a standard size cell phone like an iPhone4 or iPhone5 (as long as there's no sleeve on the phone, first)*...OR a Large (3.75" x 5" that fits a passport) ...OR an Extra Large (4" x 6.5", black only) to fit an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy 4 (or Galaxy 5) Smartphone or Galaxy Note, etc. Wear it on your calf, ankle, arm or perhaps thigh, and either over or under your outfit as you like.

Easy to use, comfy solution to keeping your ID, cash, cards, cell phone, iPod, camera and other small valuables handy and safe. Great to use solo or even WITH a separate purse or bag to make sure you keep your vital, more important items CLOSER!

Discreet. Won't fall off. Band connects with any other PortaPocket Band / Strap to add length, as needed. Sweat and moisture resistant.

*If you have a sleeve or case on your phone first, you might need a larger pocket size to fit it. eg: the iPhone 5 will fit in a Medium PortaPocket when "naked" (eg: no sleeve on it), but with a sleeve on your phone too, you'll likely need to go up to the XL size PortaPocket to accommodate both the greater height and width


Viva The Shoe Revolution!™

The Double Agent Shoe, is a Patented lady's shoe with a secret compartment. Ladies now can carry their money, credit cards, ID, keys, makeup–and even personal care items, like tampons, and more, inside their shoes.

Ladies…No more worrying about keeping up with your purse! Plus, they are extremely comfortable! We designed these shoes for long wear. Since we wanted women to be able to carry personal items inside their shoe, and replace their purse, one of our goals was to make a shoe that can be worn comfortably for hours.
The safety of one’s personal belongings was of paramount importance when engineering and designing the Double Agent Shoe. The doors to the shoe(s) are spring-operated, and have powerful magnet(s) to keep the door secured and in place. The spring mechanism works on reverse pressure and holds the door tightly in place. The additional magnet(s) offer further security.


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